About Us

Really Green Credentials is the leading authority on producer environmental compliance, specialising in auditing waste electrical and electronic equipment (e-Waste / WEEE) treatment operators across the EU and beyond. We assist businesses in attaining compliance or certification to a range of environmental standards; verify recycling and material routes and the re-use and refurbishment routes of used or waste electrical and electronic appliances. We are certified and approved to conduct audits for a range of UK, European and global standards.

The company has spearheaded standard development in the EU and maintains robust, productive working relationships with e-Waste / WEEE and re-use stakeholders ranging from governments, environment agencies, local authorities, and producer compliance schemes to blue chip producers, recycling facilities and technology providers. We also participate regularly with UK and European electronics recycling associations, the EU WEEE Forum, the WEEELABEX Organisation and International Electrotechnical Committee of CENELEC.

With over 20 years' experience our consultants and qualified specialist environmental and risk based auditors work in the e-Waste / WEEE and asset disposal arena checking that companies who say they are 'green' are 'really' green and that their e-Waste / WEEE and unwanted EEE is treated appropriately and compliantly and that their clients' data and focus materials and components are secure.


Prior to setting up her own consultancy in January 2008, Julie-Ann Adams, the Managing Director of Really Green Credentials, set up and then co-owned M Baker Recycling [a specialist electronics recycling/treatment facility] in St Helens, Merseyside, from its inception in 2001 to December 2007. The company progressed to a nearly £8 million turnover and was then put up for sale, with the new owner then quickly selling to Viridor Electric, which still owns the plant today. Julie-Ann put her eight years' experience of the WEEE and waste treatment arena, and her knowledge of government policy and EU regulations to form her own consultancy business. This has grown considerably and the team expanded to include associations with auditors and other consultants in the EU and USA.

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